Say Goodbye to Rats and Mice

Rats and mice are responsible for the transmission of numerous diseases. Their feeding habits are destructive and their nesting behaviours cause damage in households and buildings. Due to their secretive nature, humans cannot easily detect infestations.

In large numbers or not, rats pose a threat to our standards of living. For one, they destroy our furniture and homes. Rats and mice love gnawing on materials such as plastic and wood, causing damaged materials and holes on floorboards and walls.

The most dangerous rat-caused disease was the bubonic plague, also known as the Black Plague. Transfer occurs when fleas from the rats bite humans. This plague killed millions back in the Middle Ages. Rat and mice scratches and bites result in diseases and rat-bite fever. Urine from these furry pests may lead to leptospirosis, which can cause liver and kidney damage.

BuzzOff deals with the following house pests:

  • Rats
    • Do you sometimes hear scratching in your roof? The Roof Rat is also known as the Black Rat (even though they tend to vary in colour) the Brown Rat commonly known as the Street Rat can get up to 25cm long!
  • Mice
    • The House Mouse tends to come inside when the weather is wet and cold. These mice can vary in colour from light brown to black.

If your home or business falls victim to these critters, don't brush it off. Mouse and rats thrive in secret. You'll face a huge population of pests if they're left unattended. BuzzOff provides the leading rodent control in Auckland. Our safe and proven effective methods will rid your homes and properties of rats and mice in no time.

For reliable rat control in Auckland, turn to BuzzOff! Give us a call for an obligation free consultation. Contact us at 0800 293 293.